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Ebrie Lodge Pet Hotel is a family business owned and run by sisters : Diane and Mary Henderson.

We took over the business in August 2014 from our close friend Linda Riseborough, and between us we have over 20 years experience running rescue kennels, and are active members of Cats Protection.

Our own family members include, 4 dogs,3 cats, 9 chickens and 2 geese.

Your pets are treated as part of our family during their stay with us.

Each kennel has a covered run at the front and an open air garden at the rear. The smallest sleeping area is approximately 2 metres square with a 2.5 metre square covered area and a garden of 10 x 3 metres approx. The largest kennel has a sleeping area of 2.5 metres square approx. with a covered area of 3 metres square approx. and a garden of some 14 x 10 metres. All the gardens are surrounded by a 2+ metre high open block wall. The individual kennels are heated by infra red heating and a background music system is installed throughout the kennel system.

The cat chalets are 1 metre wide by 2+ metres long and 2 metres high, with sneeze barriers to a height of 1 metre. Each chalet has a raised sleeping platform and the whole area is enclosed in wire mesh. Background music and heating is provided to the chalets. 

Small Animals:
Small animals are housed within a heated "rabbit room" within the main office building. We have nine rabbit/guinea pig hutches of various sizes. Other small animals can be accommodated within their own cages.